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CORRELATION between listening comprehension and speaking ability

Learning Engislih has become a very essential necessity in modern society. People usually learn English for some reasons. In some way, they want to bel able to communicate in English. Communicating in English is defined as a process or ways of sending inforamtion in English by speech, electronic, etc.

Speech is normally a two=way system of communication; first a situation where only one person speaks and aothers only listen. In a conversation, one person is listening to the other person speaking, and the next moment, the roles is reversed. The speaker becomes the listener, and the listener becomes the speaker. Based on the fact above, the reseacher assumed that there is a correlation between listening comprehension and speaking ability.

This research is conducted to prove empirically that there is a correlation between listening comprehension anda speaking English ability. The data were taken from the 3rd semester student of English Department UNIKOM. The findings show that there is a positive correlation between listening comprehension and students speaking ability in Englsih.

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